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Episode 3 · 1 year ago

Episode 3 - Grow Together Review, Nakajima/Iroha vs Nanae/Nakamori Spotlight


Conrad & Val return with episode 3 of the Beyond the SEA cast to talk the events of the past week - ASUKA as the new Beyond the SEA champion, Citrus Wind as the winners of the Get a Dream Tag Tournament and where that victory could lead, and a brief discussion on the upcoming Arisa Nakajima produce event.

The guys also give their thoughts on the 2018 tag team preview match between Takumi Iroha and Arisa Nakajima, who teamed to take on the team of Nanae Takahashi and Hanako Nakamori.

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This podcast is a part of the drapping superplex podcast network. Find US whether you get your podcast and visit us at drops kicks and near Flescom the daily after calls about wrestling from around the globe. Hello, everybody, and welcome to episode free of the beyond the sea cast. I'm comrade, and there's always I'm joined by vow. Hello, Val, how are you? Hello? Well, I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good today. And how are you? Yeah, man, I'm good. I'm very, very good. We've got some good sus talk about today and life is life in general is good. So yeah, it's it's a good day. It's been a very good day then. Yes, we've got a whole bits of still to talk about. How about you your guide us through the beginnings of what we're going to be David Gin. Okay, so we're going to follow us in the format to last week, where we kind of talk a little bit about the kind of the prior the show that's happened, kind of like most recently tours recording. But today we'll focus on the main kind of talking point that a lot of kind of people not in the steaming bubble we're talking about this past week which because they beyond the sea championship match for the vacant title. If you listen to him last week you'll know all about what happened there with Yoshika. But yes, ask her ordny, depending on how you prefer. Defeated Rin a Yamaschiza in thirteen minutes and thirty seconds and intense back and forth battle for the Baking Championship and is now the beyond champion for the first time in her career. So well, first of all, what we are general thoughts on this match. I loved it like the me just to think about the mean that, I guess not complaint, but the Little Niket negative point that they've seen being brought about once the once people actually saw the match. The length. While I well, I agreed that it could have benefited from going like five minutes longer, at the end of the day, those to the thirteen minutes were some some of the best thirteen minutes of wrestling diy've ever seen. Sh like just and such an UN intense smash. I was very impressed by by what he did and it was it wasn't just, you know, sort of let's say thirty minute fish finishing stretch of a match sorts. It...

...was a measure built within just thir thirteen minutes with ascam work, working the arm of Overna Machida, which played later into the match, which was something that definitely appreciated. So yeah, definitely a definitely great match, when one which is definitely in Best Joshi matches that I've seen this huge so far. So yeah, definitely something right to love this. Yeah, I think, I mean they're very similar, like kind of I think it was a good match, but don't get me wrong, but it was. I don't know, I think the time that I watched it, like just a couple of hours after and kind of knowing who who would want to what happened as the kind of a don't know, decreased my investment. I think like maybe like another re watch was two, would kind of help me kind of truly appreciate it. But yeah, there's some good like ground game from both and it was it was. Yeah, I think it would have benefited like another five or maybe just take it like round it up to fifteen minutes and I think they could have done a bit more. But yeah, I'm kind of glad it wasn't just like I'm going to hit finishes or kind of just, you know, it can kind of like standard like sprint matter. If just going to drop you on you had to win, a hit a couple of finishes and then that's it. So I'm glad that that's really kind of made him something worth kind of paid attention to rather than just break next feet for the whole time with no real stuffs substance. Yeah, that's really the main thing. Like just the fact that he had a bit of a structure the sides of being pretty shorty was the main point for me, the main thing that I reappreciated. I guess now that we talked about the madge itself, we can start projecting a little bit. Now that has champion. Where are you expecting now, now that has caused champion and moving forward, whatever some of your expectations. But I feel the kind of constant the middle fingers from ask her a kind of US kind of like a statement, and I can kind of seeing in it like yes, Sheik event inevitably challenged when she kind of come back from injury, which still like a two months, three months maybe away from that. So I'm not too kind of worried about asker losing because I kind of feel that it's destined to end with a yes, she can match, or maybe at least have that much somewhere. But I think just kind of lead into Yeshika, maybe bit of an outside kind of curbull pick, but imss tomorrow and kind of bring up like members of your she goes back and to kind of keep that story going and then have your she I return and then that's it. Yeah, there's definitely a good way to see it, to see things going. And should say, I guess the other...

...main, yeah, main story we could be looking at is with our reason Akajima. Obviously areas a former leader of this Friz of the Eagle Sis, the fact that that match titlements rest here, which was pretty great. Now I reason is a tech champion right now. So we we have already seen tag champions challenge for the for the singles title before. But do do we think that we're going to see that rematch rather soon enough, like maybe the first defense or the second defense or whatever, or is it something that we're going to get a little dot down the line, maybe after the current citrus wind, Taylor rain, back Taylor rain, or or you know, or if it is, it is going to be like the first big statement program for ASCA. I count em kind of pushing out just a little bit more toughly, think with the citrus wind same winning the get a dream time of tournament and if the kind of a mini program there maybe a reason now I like lose those belts. But yeah, I can't see it happening just yet, but it would be like a massive statement victory for ask her. I just I don't know with the looking on with the tag belts, in the fact that I kind of feet the tag boats of that more kind of focused over the last kind of six state months, considering your Shika's last defense was timber, I think, starry or under Kong. It was a Cha Kong, it was it was November, I believe. So like we haven't really seen much of the beyond the sea title, not the single title in two thousand and twenty one, and there's obviously this was the first title match. So yeah, I thought was still going to be that focus from on the tag belts and then eventually we'll get a res versus asker, depended on what they plan to do with the Ashika when she comes back. Yeah. So anyways, we've got we've got a good bunch of stuff to look forward to with that was as as because rain. That, I guess the I think we should. We would say, is it like personally? Like, well, I guess you'd. I guess you too, like we're definitely looking forward to this train and definitely truous to see how dad goes, like, because with you she cool out, at least for like the next two three months. You're going to need, like feeling is going to need someone to to step up and and be kind of been, kind of a new star and right now as a case that position, and I would I would trust her... a performer. And then, well, I guess, I guess, I guess. I guess the whole promotion itself to to actually give her a rain which is which is meaningful and actually actually elevator given give it how the built has been treated so far. Like I'm pretty I'm pretty trusting regarding regetting that. And unless you've got anything else to went on that, we're going to well, I'm going to let you adda. I'm going to let you add a like something, if you've got anything to other, and then we're going to move to talking a bit more about the get a dream Germans. Yes, I was a pretty much agreed with the about this kind of I think they definitely went for the right kind of pick. I guess like not, but there was like a wrong pix. I think both would have make great champions, but I think Aska bed twenty two kind of like the younger of the two and she she's just so good at wrestler that it is insane and I think from like a business point of view, this is kind of if they gonna do. If she could ask her the then that's probably looking at it from a Western, as Western as point, if you like, I think people would ask of being an edge of a tow were doing the women sort of manator think. And then your Shika, obviously with the cookbook and the starting parents in the tick tock kind of fame that and that kind of I think people are more warm towards your shook now. Obviously lot there are some that kind of still a bit kind of weird. I think having that side of appearance is kind of opening more eyes to see them and you can kind of have that big money match and bring more eyes to the promotion that. But Certainly Watch Aska. This is your Shiko. Well, even if I wasn't the fantasy thing, I'll probably watch this match anywhere. But yeah, I think Ascar a Chomkin is the right move and opens a lot of doors in terms of the roots. They can say yeah, pretty much like feels like, well, it chills. Yeah, it's it feels to me like a Yoshiko verts Rena Yamacheita match for the beyond the sea. Titel cooled. Could happen later, like it's that. It's that kind of thing. I could see this happening another Yoshi Ka rain or maybe three in a wind of the winning to this later whatever, whereas you have this opportunity with ask her right now to elevator tween your standard. And Yeah, it's in terms of opportunity, I would it pretty much was the right one. And now that we'd pretty much well, yeah, discussed everything that we had to discuss about this match, we can move on to the get dream tournament review.

So just so to start off, a quick recap of the tournament matches to start, to start to show we had your row Mutchmento on Itsukioki facing Kal Kobayashi. Mrs Amura. Dispatch went to a ten minutes and ten minutes draw with which saw both teams being eliminated from the tournament, which was quite a surprise. Then we've got then we got the ice speed match between citrus wind, I recently Kajima and Nataka, actually facing the I speed army, hicat you, like a Nakashima and Sukushia Uka. In that match we had the I speed army winning, which, if I remember correctly, that's something we kind of predicted, I believe. Yeah, I think we both pretty body would, because it was alistat girls and other think abrivo saw the champions getting that far and it was always going to be someone that wasn't then when in this yeah, essentially, this match kind of went at well, well, totally went as as we expected then. So that's where things got a little bit surprising, since the first, I guess, quarter final saw the two teams go to a driving eliminated it the author citrus win team of Rico Kawata and or Nary Hannah directly advs to the finals, which saw in the other Summis Makoto Enrico kaijew wrestle directly wrestle at the I speed army and also advance to the finals and well, in the finals, after the beyond the sea title match, we had so the completely fresh citrus win team of Kawahatta and Hanna fe seeing La's Rosa. They GOIST US and at the end of the day, which I don't think that was really much of a surprise onoi Hannah and Rico Kawatta won the tournament. I I think we actually I think we predicted less Rosa. They go east. Has To win to win this. But I like to think that you will agree with me when I say that the other citrus win team winning is yeah, differently, not much of the surprise either. Yeah, kind of I thought that they're always kind of in with a runing nothink it was. It was always going to be, but the final that they went with, and I think how is it just wined when kind of made sense, I guess. And as much as I wanted last for Saturday, because just to win and kind of have that kind of night where they all kind where they all were when and it was kind of like ever really successful kind of show for them. But yeah, it makes sense and I thought that Henory Hannah went in. Maybe the fact titles... the future would kind of really kind of elevate and but yeah, I think it was a good choice. It was. It was a solid tournament. I'll be on. I thought it was. Yeah, it definitely was. Like none of the matches to me were like specifically great, but watching the show live it it will, it was more than entertaining enough. The much much were pretty fun. So given what, given the kind of off tournament that this was, yeah, it did more than the job. It was entertaining. So it was all. It was all cool. As the other day, the last, the lasting photo, we can wells in for that we can give. But an info that we don't actually really have is that the wish that was there was supposed to be won by the winning team. We don't really know what disease because with I tried, I tried to guess and I assumed it would be a eight tag tables match, but that didn't seem to me while watching the show, that it was really clear what the wish was and I don't understand Japanese anywhere near enough to actually understand what was said. So yeah, unless you've got an this, unless you've got any other information that I don't have, but I don't think. Yeah, I don't think we've got in any mood any more news about that. That's Wi should set in sad lena distiling meat. Social Media's insight. Actually have that information? Yeah, I don't think. I try to find the wish that was great. That would have been given a knock. I couldn't find any shit. Like social media is let us down. It's always such a reliable resource. Then like something that we actually need for the shore and I haven't put it out. So listener's blame, like now it's like a actually, and because it's done to her watch that this has not been this information has not been given to us. Actually blame that. I let's get it trended by Friday. anyways, we're going to move. We're going to move to the third part of this of this podcast, which is the the match review. So we've got, we've had one match being recommended to us by annex of stunt starme quest. That match was from October seventeen, two thousand and eighteen. It was Anna Kunakamori of pure Jay teaming up with a NA Takahashi facing a recently a gymain take me hero. He wrote out of marvelous. Before before actually talking about this match and or thoughts about it, to give a little bit of conflict because actually, while doing a bit of research...

...about it, struck me as rather important. This match happened between the first the first round and the semi finals of the tournament which was held to crown the first ever beyond the sea singles champions champion. The Sammis of that tournament were Nala Takashi, stuck with me, he raw and I reason like a jeambers versus are Anna Kodakamory. So you can tell that every every match, shots were dispatch in both teams. So just looking forward to looking looking at that match with that context in man, you could you could have some idea that that there would be some some tension, and the main thing that struck me, and then I'm gonna let you go off with your thoughts about the match, was how well they managed to well translate that into the match and now they acted like twelve. The match could felt, you could, I could feel a level of density which was I I did to expect that from must seemly farm most sidling main events, but this felt like a completely other level to me, which I didn't really expect at first. With definitely bluing. It blew me away when I watched till you today. Really blew me away. It was kind of just watching it like five minutes beforehand and it was it was insane. Like not knowing the context was kind of I don't know if it aided kind of to be an experience. I think it kind of did. But like knowing the context now it kind of makes it so much better. And the fact that kind of every interaction served the purpose and there was jen like the intensity never really windled until the end when it got like it got a little bit confusing. Yeah, with like no I just kind of taken everybody out and then pinning Aresa and it was yeah, I didn't really know what to think about it. But yeah, they kind of turn it up to eleven stayed there for pretty much the whole thing, well the whole thing that they built to it, and then when they got go in, like they got going and it was awesome. I think the Kumi was kind of that's pick an MVP. It was her just kind of like her facial expressions all was kind of really added to everything. Yeah, just kind of the way she carried us off in the whole. She was just it added so much to it. Aresa, as always, was excellent. I'd never actually seen a Hannapper and acamore in match before, so this was a really good interest, really nice introduction. I think one thing that I wasn't a fan of the search, and it's not kind of a thing that was wrong with all. It's just kind of like personal, personal taste. So I guess was the head boots. It was a bit kind of just...

...kind of I was just going to ask you she were talking about dumb. The only ones from an A. Yeah, like the the only ones with a kind of like there was kind of like one where they were all standing where they were standing and it was kind of the head but exchange there and then I think Arisa kind of had a submission lot then and that I kind of just headburder. Oh, yeah, I loved that. I liked it. It was just kind of like that. that. I think that's one where is kind of it looked really good, but I think you have to kind of time it perfectly because if you find it, it's just going to look bad if you don't. And they talented perfect least. So like it really worked and yeah, just it was wonderful and I think preview, I guess, quote quote, preview tag matches should work towards this level, because I think this was the standard that dad. That's probably the most important, important point that we can make. It's that, yeah, like you had this what's the word I'm looking for? You went to tournaments looming around and knowing that you were going to expect some kind of of added intensity and, like I was saying earlier, they just kept going and kit and keep going with that and all the little interactions that we had, whether it was like Takumi dragging a reason towards them, towards her corner, lating the batch, tried to take yourself in all that kind of stuff, which told you that that every everyone wanted, wanted at some point to face the actual match up that they would add into summons. So that was something which sometimes you don't think, you don't exactly see that, at least to that extent, in preview matches in general, whether that's for tournaments or title matches. Like it's really felt unique in that sense, because that you just don't see that that often. Like it's Dood it's the main thing for me really. Yeah, it's just kind of like kind of being more familiar, kind of being used to like the new Japan way of do it. Obviously like two very different styles, but kind of seen the way that they do it and you kind of have they got have that one guy in there like that. You kind of know, always definitely getting pinned or and like they kind of working like that. But then here you kind of have everybody is significant, everybody has a point to make and nobody wants to lose and like you can't really have that kind of that level of intensity and kind of quality if he is to...

...just have like say, like one of the rookies or something now in that tack match, the kind of tape, the fold or something from one of the veterans, and it's just yeah, that was an I really liked. It wasn't kind of an element of the match, but I I guess you could say it was, but it wasn't like an innbring they can get. was kind of more of a symbolic thing, if you could call it that. It's a Greek it's a great punt as well, because in more standard pretty matches, which I like to follow on, which we're seeing like to the Standard d Japan faction versus faction, with the champion on one side and the change or on the other, and you basically know that either the junior of one side or the less important, if you wait on on one side or whatever, is going to get pinned like ninety, like ninety percent of the time and to be released, and it kind of makes the met predictable. But then in debt, in that scenario, like in that specific match you had, you were done up. That did you didn't really know until they maybe the last, yeah, maybe the last and some last five minutes or so, you really couldn't tell we're really where this was going, and it was that kind of manage that knew how to how to keeps you invested from from the first second to the last pretty much. I think this whole I would some things up with this match. Yeah, absolutely, I think it's kind of because, if I'm not mistaken, the the actual final for this for this tournament, was none of us is Aresa was myth, yeah, the grounds of a champion. So the finish was interesting in that sense. Yeah, I like the fact like kind of discussing it in this way now and I think it kind of makes all the sense in the world because now I kind of knocked, not knocking more knock, not scumi off the apron before kind of hitting a Rasa, which is kind of like a statement like that. She's going to go like all the way, she's going to pin it's going to pin her opponent in the finals. It's must be foreshadow when I think that kind of set with the final and it was just going to be those two left in the ring. It was going to be none other one. It kind of maybe it's because we are we are looking at this with pretty much all the all the insights, but like it makes you eat. It does make you wonder if all that kind of symbolism that we're seeing now, because we have all the context in mind, that we're just seeing everything with. I have the French word for what I'm trying to say, but I don't have the English one, which is annoying. But yeah,... the insight we have all this inside, it makes you. It makes you wonder if all the symbolism was pretty much planned already or or not. And it just in a sense, three has to the match with everything that, with everything that just works for and going for it, like the two dysfunctional teams hold the intensity and how, every how that intensity and and the stakes, even though this, even though the match is still itself, didn't really have much of this of tangible stakes, like everything was translated so perfectly in my eyes and like, just like I, like Su sent, who sent us this match. As he said, this one was one of his favorites. It also now is one of my favorite ceiling matches, even with the slight simple fictions they did had towards the finishing stretch. It's one of those where I can just look, there's that and be completely absorbed by by the whole five of the match pretty much. Yeah, I think I'm kind of in a similar place. I think I would. I don't think it'd be too far out of too far up me to say that it is one of the is like definitely up there in terms of favorite women's matches or favorite tage matches at the very least. It was just something that I wasn't kind of used to in terms of how kind of like you can about a lot the previous tag kind of format, but it definitely having this kind of shocked me was something that helped it. But then kind of knowing the context now and how everything kind of came together, it's just absolutely like wonderful. Just to kind of melt the it up, I guess what how would you rate this from like a star rating perspective? From a star rating perspective? And that that's interesting because I don't really use any kind of star rating. Usually I can to move away from Dad, but if I had to, at the very least, I would probably give it four point five stars at the very released. Like, I probably not fi star was because it's not like a perfect match per se. Like, as we said, it has a little bit of imperfections. You are in there, but it's still so it it's so damn intense and it has, it carries so much weight that, yeah, at the very released it's four five for me. Yeah, I think I'll probably even four point two five. Four point five probably link towards the laughter in terms of kind of match link, because it was perfect in terms of the intensity and the kind of the stakes and knowing the context adds to it and I think it has to rank it four point two five.

It wouldn't be anything on the match. That just I'm not find of head Butt Scots like and there were. They were like a couple of time starts, kind of like, oh, that's a day. Yeah, I don't think you can both it too much like that. So I'll we'll put the link to this in the kind of the pot the episode note. So if you haven't watched it, then you know watch it. It's definitely a recommendation. was definitely great, great match. Unless you had anything else to add about on this match, we're going to we're going to move towards the last sort of part of this this pod test, which is bring which is, I know, seeing the bits of information that we know regarding the next seedling show, the which is the reason the Arison, like a gyma produced show, a fifteen spring with three ends, essentially celebrating a recent e, a Gemus, fifteen years in wrestling as she debuted in two thousand and six. That show will happen in net on April fourth and we deep did the informations that we have so far. We know the the magic most likely will be the main event, featuring only wrestlers who debut did need two thousand and six, which are a recent e Col Gym and a Gazander's a key of progressing wave and and I could not come ory and I couldna a Maori, which we already mentioned in the previous sections, on one side versus heroo match motto and that Psycho, the team ray what Ultima poers teeming with Makoto. So that's the big magic we've got. And the other thing is that we have the we will see the legendary build I cano appearing in this show for for what apparently is built as a mini talk event. So whatever this is, but anyway it's going to be pretty nice to see bill I cannot reappear, reappearing interesting, interesting ring and just within the world of wrestling, and it's going to be a cool thing. Yeah, I kind of saw the announcement, I think this morning, like properly. I think I saw the graphic for the show and I kind of wasn't sure if it was any reason kind of producer, which obviously is, or if it was kind of like just like a seedling show, like a standards kind of monthly thing. But yeah, the the six man tag is interesting, especially to me who hasn't actually seen the Zaki or in like properly before. I think I've kind of seen like small clips but haven't actually gone out more way to kind of watching if there were. So I feel like I'm missing out just seeing like the...

...praise online constantly. So this will be a nice introduction. Probably probably a lot of phrase coming from me because I've been under on the DASH on the dash train for a quite away rare from quite aware now. So just to just to give a bit of thought up of dimensions. It sunds like at this point I've seen at least once everyone in this involved in dismatch wrestle and I was differently look forward to it. Like it's I expect. I expected to be a little to be a little bit of fun, like for like that kind of match which is on just producer, on just producers, like you can of expect, I guess you you're yeah, your kind of fun moments and and that kind of stuff, but otherwise, like that match should be a real banger, like you have just you just have too much talent. Bunch of really, really good tag wrestlers in there. So definitely looking forward to it. And well, if you, if you're listening to this and it, didn't know about this, about this, about this show, coming up our or if you were uncertain about about certain things, if you if you would like to take my word from it, I would definitely recommend, recommend you if you're looking forward to this, because definitely should be great. Like looking at them, the lineup, definitely should be great. Did you have anything also out about that, that match or the show itself? Anything? I know it already conduct that we haven't already covered? I think it's very exciting. I'm kind of looking forward to say not how the rest of the God sectit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, because of course we're gonna we're going to see the main well, the mean, the mean silly participants are. You're in an eye, you're a Zooka, like appear, slightly appearing for the first time as the new beyond the sea champion. So that's going to be something else to look forward to. Until then, we're going to be rapping this wrapping this thing up. Conrad, where can we find you on social media? Seek for me on twitter at L compactor Newt. Come change it back by the time this comes out. So yes, and yeah, the standard follow followed near fold media, which is that we are now officially known us at theirs me here on twitter and as for me, you can follow me at Virginie as well, as well as at Dultox Bureau. And you mentioned the new folms media account. I'm just going to drop this quickly. I won't be just a cohost of podcast on the Dragon...

...supplex network and thus new fals media. I'm also joining the writing team as of today. So, as so, as soon as the new site is up, I will be studying producing content, studying with with my narrating series which is called looking back. So look forward to this if you're interested in reading about deep dives into wrestling matches, me the meaning of stories and all that kind of good stuff which we which we like about for wrestling. So yeah, in the Inter meantime, we will see you next week. Goodbye and see next week.

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